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Industry Analytics Benchmarking

Fastrack to optimal efficiencies based on industry leading data to keep profit to your bottom line

Client Management

Manage multiple contacts, distribution addresses, tax forms, custom pricing matrices, and more.


Easy and painless onboarding after system adoption. Customized page branding to have your unique look including art approvals, packing slips, invoices and more!

Orders Dashboard

Introducing the “Order Status” bar: know the status of each order with “near real-time” production milestone tracking.

Seamless Purchase Orders

Send purchase orders to vendors in print, through email, or electronically.

Train Your Employees in ONE DAY!

This industry is complicated, your shop management doesn’t have to be. Your employees will learn the process and will have immediate buy-in.

Clean, Simple Material Card System Design

The clean, sleek, and simple order flow from start to finish helps create a continuous productivity improvement.

Global Search

Intuitive search bar helps sort and capture orders for quick access to changes.

SAAS Cloud System

Scalability and integration brings information to your fingertips. Anywhere, anytime.


Extract meaningful data about your organization. See all open orders, estimates, revenue, products, and more.

Executive Level Visibility

Provides accurate and meaningful metrics that matter. Get a high-level pulse of the organization with extensive dashboards and reports.

Custom Price Matrix

Enjoy unlimited custom pricing matrices, including garment markup, and add-on charges.

Seamless Affiliate Orders

Electronically send purchase orders to any affiliate using Stokkup.

S&S Integration

View negotiated pricing, stock levels, and images, directly within Stokkup.

Shipping Integration

Print labels, quotes, and ship with UPS and Fedex, directly from Stokkup.

Customization of User Types

Set permissions and views for any type of user in your organization.


Capacity planning is based on shop-specific machinery. Time study data accurately determines what stage the order must pass in order to hit the required due date.

Client portal

Allow your clients to view order status, reorder, update client info, and send purchase orders electronically.

Job Costing

Track labor, materials, shipping, and control gross margin per job.

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